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Sarah Beisel

Selling your offers through storytelling.

I'm a storyteller at heart...

When I was 6 years old, I had to write an alternative fairy tale for a school assignment. So I put my little kid brain to work, and I wrote... 

...about the 3 little pigs from the wolf's perspective. 

I told the story of his dreadful cold and the struggle to borrow some sugar from his neighbours, unfortunately sneezing and knocking their houses down... poor buddy...

Now, I've since learned that there's already a kids book which tells this same story (so there's no big book deal in my future unfortunately),

but I never left that creative flare behind. 

Because that's who I am. 

I'm a Storyteller. And I want to tell YOUR story too...

But not in the same, boring,
churn-it-out-a-thousand-times-a-day, way.

You deserve better than that. 

I'm here to give your brand that little oomph it needs to stand out, all while staying true to who you are.

We Faith-based entrepreneurs sometimes think there's a "right way" to be a biblical business owner.


But the truth is, God gave us all unique gifts and voices that deserve to be recognised and shared with the world. 

It's time to be bold in your faith and start shining.

And that starts with nailing your copy.

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Why every Christian Entrepreneur needs story-based copy

Our world was built on stories. We're hardwired to respond to them.


We can easily remember our childhood adventures, but struggle to recall that exciting fact we learned last week. There's just something in our brain that's set up to store information through stories.

Stories capture some of the most fundamental human experiences:

The Heroic Journey...
The Redemption...

The Ultimate Sacrifice...
The Romance... 

These ideas are something we all share. They are the common ground between me, you, friends, family...

... and your audience.

That's why I write story-based copy

At the end of the day, people only remember the things which captivate them.

And I want one of those things to be you.

I want to create a narrative for you that will impact your audience so deeply that they can't help but think of you.

I want to share your story genuinely and authentically so your audience feels like they can trust and rely on you.

I want your audience to know and understand you.

I want to tell your story.
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What business owners say about me


"I'd written a sales email but wasn't sure how effective it'd be. Sarah tweaked the wording to ensure it was effective as well as friendly! I think Sarah's expertise has definitely helped me to get more replies. Sarah is great to work with and is understanding of client's needs."


"I loved working with you. I was not even sure where to start with an email list but when we had our initial consultation I was excited that I really did have something to offer! You helped me to remember my end goal and not get caught up in the route of getting there because you took care of that! Thank you thank you thank you."


"I really like [the website]. Good that you made the home page with really clear value propositions for people without deeper knowledge. Overall I think it's more clear to understand."